Reptiles as Pets
Snakes, lizards, turtles and crocodiles.

Venomous snake

Want a pet reptiles?
Before you do anything, check out the law first.
You may not be allowed to keep one, or alternatively you may need a license.
Remember, Australia is a fascist state and nowhere is this more apparent than in the wildlife laws.
By law, reptiles are defined as wildlife and more than 50 years back, the State government's of Australia took ownership of all of them by a stroke of a pen.
Technically, all reptiles are property of "The Crown", which last time I looked was a little old lady in the UK, named Queen Elizabeth.
For two decades, Australians' who dared to try to keep a reptile as a pet did so under threat of jail.
If caught doing so, that was exactly where they ended up. ... In Jail!
The rules changed in the mid 1990's and now Australians can get pet reptiles, but only provided thye fork out some cash for a reptile license.
Even then what you can and cannot have is severely limited.
Forget non-Australian species. They are all banned.
Only the government's own zoo businesses can have them.Want a Burmese Python, Boa Constrictor, Green Iguana?
Forget it.
If you are really desperate, move to any country in the world bar New Zealand.
Like Australia, they ban a lot of extreme pets as well.
But in terms of local Australian species, now you can keep most of the "good ones" no matter which state you live in.
Even in New South Wales, you can go down to a pet shop and buy yourself pet reptiles.
Compared to what was happening 30 years back in the 1980's this is a major improvement on things.
Need to know more?
Then contact your local State Wildlife Department and get them to send you their licensing forms.

Coventrys Skink

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