Pisces Vitaworms

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Pisces Vitaworms are the larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens).

Recommended by many veterinarians, Vitaworms are the only calcium-rich feeder that has a naturally balanced calcium and phosphorus ratio. Vitaworms are high calcium and low fat, which makes them an excellent staple feeder.
• ~1.5:1 calcium to phosphorous ratio
• ~20 times more calcium than crickets
• Great food for a picky eater, irresistible to reptiles, birds and larger fish
• Contains high levels of lauric acid (known to kill viruses, protozoa, and coccidian)
• Aids in the halt or reverse of metabolic bone disease
• Nutritional boost for gravid or just-laid females; increasing the chance of healthy offspring
• Great start for hatchlings, giving them an early boost to increase their health
• The Larvae are extremely active, making it easily noticed by your pet or wild birds
• Vitaworms change colour (go darker) in preparation for pupation, this is normal and calcium levels peak at this stage.

Storage and Care: Vitaworms require no feeding and they make no odour or noise. When arriving in store, Vitaworms will be still and look dead, however, they are just timid from transport and will start moving after warming up. Vitaworms can last up to 25 days on the shelf before turning into a fly. It is best to feed finicky eaters when soft during the larval stage and can be fed up to the Pupal Stage.

Feeding: Vitaworms can be fed to Lizards, chickens, ducks and other foul type birds. Large Fish such as Cichlids. Wild Birds such as Wrens, Wagtails, Butherbirds, Kingfishers, Magpies and Kookaburras.


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