Reptile One RTF 600H 60x 45x 45cm hinged doors

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RTF-600H Terrarium Glass (Hinged Doors)

Reptile One’s RTF range of glass terrariums provide maximum viewing pleasure and functionality.

The watertight, sealed glass base allows the enclosure to be used for both semi aquatic and terrestrial reptiles.

The “Tall” enclosures are perfect for lizards, dragons and arboreal snakes such as Green Tree Pythons.

The completely removable mesh lid and sliding glass doors (with lock) provides a secure terrarium with easy access.

The super fine, high strength, wire mesh lid improves ventilation and is compatible with the use of UV lighting to ensure the health and wellbeing of your reptiles.

The convenient cable outlet dial enables electrical items to be used inside the terrarium.

Features and Benefits:

  • Watertight, sealed glass base.
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions.
  • High quality materials and workmanship.
  • Hinged or sliding doors for easy access and viewing pleasure.
  • Includes secure lock for glass doors.
  • Cable outlet dial enables electrical items to be installed.
  • Super fine, high strength, high quality wire mesh lid.
  • Comes at packed for easy transport.

Important Information:

Regular cleaning of your terrarium is essential. When cleaning glass surfaces, don't use harsh household cleaning chemicals as it may be harmful to your animal. Use only “reptile or aquarium safe” cleaning agents. Available from your local pet store.

This “RTF” enclosure has a watertight base and is suitable to hold water. It is therefore important to ensure that your enclosure rests on a strong and secure flat surface. Uneven surfaces may over time, warp your enclosure and cause the watertight seal to be broken or cause glass to crack (glass breakage is not covered under warranty.)

The maximum recommended combined load to be placed inside the enclosure must not exceed 20kg. Reptile One recommends keeping loads to between 10kg – 15kg for long term use. All loads must be spread evenly throughout the enclosure to prevent glass base from cracking due to pressure points.


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