Reptile one RTF-900HT Terrarium Glass (Hinged Doors) 90x 45x60cm

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RTF-900HT Terrarium Glass (Hinged Doors)

Reptile One’s new and improved RTF range of terrariums provides maximum functionality.

The waterproof, sealed glass base allows for the enclosure to be used for Semi Aquatic and Terrestrial species; and the “Tall” enclosures are suited to Arboreal Snakes such as Green Tree Pythons or other tree climbing snakes, lizards and dragons.

The completely removable mesh lid and sliding (or hinged) glass doors with locks provide a terrarium that is easy to access and secure. The super fine, high strength wire mesh lid with pre-cut holes improves ventilation whilst allowing for heating and lighting accessories to fit neatly within the enclosure. The convenient cable outlet dial enables electrical items to be used inside the terrarium.

Suitable for: Terrestrial, Arboreal and Semi Aquatic Species


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