Reptile one stainless steal sand sieve

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 Sand Sieve

Make cleaning your terrestrial reptile terrarium a breeze with the Reptile One Sand Sieve.
The wide square profile of the sand sieve ensures it is perfectly angled to clean every inch of the terrarium. Its fine stainless steel mesh ensures it catches all waste and debris whilst separating the sand substrate.
Suitable for: Geckos, Lizards & Dragons
Features & Benefits:
• Wide square front perfectly sized and angled to reach into terrarium corners
• Fine mesh to catch waste and debris whilst separating the sand substrate
• Easy to clean
• Stainless steel mesh
• Comfort grip

Notes, Hints & Tips:
• Regular use of the Reptile One Sand Sieve will make it much easier for you to clean and remove waste material from your reptile’s enclosure.

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