Urs Oz black ceramic heat emitter 100 watt

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Oz Black Ceramic Heat Emitter is a non-light emitting ceramic heat source which is made from high quality, commercial grade ceramic and can be used for all reptiles and amphibians. It has a much longer life expectancy (around 25,000 hours) than incandescent bulbs and its extra thick ceramic means high insulation properties.

The neck of the bulb is insulated and this means maximum heat distribution through the front surface. This surface is also large providing excellent downward heat. Because it is non-light emitting, it allows proper day/night cycles for the animals. It is recommended that the Oz Black be connected with a good quality thermostat and fitted with a protective cover to protect animals from burns. 

Available in 
60 watt
100 watt
150 watt 
250 watt

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