Extreme Pets have experience insect keepers who have had spiders and scorpions as pets for numerous years.

We have a large range of tanks and enclosure, substrate, hides, waterbowls, heat mats, black uv lights, thermometers etc we have a range of Reptile One tanks set up for a pet insect, we do also have our exclusive range of tanks which are made in store by EXTREME PETS.

We stock a large range of Spiders (Sarina, goddess tarantulas, Nebo, Gold tarantulas, Kottzman tarantulas, Nunn etc), Scorpions (Black rock scorpions, Desert scorpions, Flinders range, Novahollands, etc), Spiny leaf insects, Burrowing roaches, Rhino beetles, centipedes and more..

Insects can make very good pets they are very easy to maintain, they don’t need to socialise they are quiet happy to be left on their own.  They can be very cost affective. Yes we do also stock Hermit crabs…